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A pandemic should not stop you from planning your dream wedding | 4 reasons why

No doubt about it, these are some ‘unprecedented’ times, as we all keep hearing. You turn on the radio, you turn on the TV, you scroll IG, and you are met with all of the same topic: COVID-19. A pandemic. Chaos. Concern. Uncertainty. I feel it just the same as you do, but I think given the fact that I am generally a positive person, I’m trying not to let it get me down… and my hope is that you won’t either!

I was talking with a good friend and the owner for Bartenders 4 You, Jennifer Smith today (as we were postponing yet another wedding), and she mentioned something I thought was so important to share with all of you. Even during these moments, you should still be planning your wedding! Whether you’ve postponed to later in the year and haven’t finished contracting vendors, or if you just got engaged but haven’t pulled the trigger on your favorite venue or picked a planner yet – do it! More than ever, you need a planner/advice-giver/wedding therapist now, trust us!

If you don’t plan your dream wedding, someone else will. Y’all, read that sentence again and let it sink in. I know the world feels like it is at a standstill right now, but the reality is it very much is not. One of the venues that we provide management for is still booking weddings – they’ve contracted three new wedding dates in the last two weeks alone! Couples like you are still planning their wedding, and you know what? They’re scooping up all your top vendors at the same time.

Here are just a few reasons we think it is very important you continue to plan your wedding, even if it is between watching Tiger King episodes on Netflix. #teamcarolefedherhusbandtothetigers

*More time on your hands – while many of you are considered essential and still working, you also may be working from home, working reduced hours, or overall finding yourself with more time on your hands to scroll Instagram. Use this time wisely! Before we know it you’ll be back to normal life pace and wishing you could send those emails, make those phone calls, and narrow down your Pinterest vision board even more.

*Vendors are booking dates left and right – while it may not be completely new business right now, vendors are filling up their fall calendars (some even into Spring 2021) with all of these postponements. The couples that are having to move their April/May/June wedding dates are doing so now, and they’re scooping up high-demand fall dates, some even into the spring. So, if you already have your wedding booked for November and you’re waiting to contract that caterer you keep eyeing on social media, go for it! They may end up filling their calendar with postponements and now you’re eating Dominoes. Kidding. Although I did once work a wedding where the ‘caterer’ didn’t show and we ordered Dominoes for everyone…but that’s another story!

*Helping small businesses – raise your hand if you’ve ordered curbside in the last few weeks from one of your favorite restaurants? I’m right there with you, a few times over! I want these restaurants and businesses I love to be open and operating at full capacity when things normalize again, just like you do! Your dream photographer whose work you’ve followed for years, or the baker who makes the most drop dead gorgeous wedding cakes you’ve ever seen…they are small businesses too, just like those restaurants. They need your business, too! While we may not offer margaritas to go (and seriously, can we keep that going?!), we promise to offer you the tools and services to make your wedding day one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Support them! Bonus: because of what is happening to the events industry right now, you may find that some are offering booking incentives, lower deposits or package discounts even. It doesn’t hurt to ask! I guarantee you, they’ll just be happy to hear their phone ringing for something other than a postponed or canceled event.

*It will make you happy – we can all use a little mood booster these days, and my Amazon Prime account is proof of that. Just because things may feel a little more chaotic right now, it does not mean you cannot continue to plan for the happiest day of your life, the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little kid. You earned that ring, and now it’s time to make it all happen! Booking a florist who gets your vision, talking all about the details with a wedding planner, supporting a caterer with a to-go order and tasting your potential wedding meal – that is exciting stuff you guys! It is almost guaranteed to make you smile, and give you those butterflies you had when you first got engaged.

I hope this is the push you need to email that DJ who brings the party, book a trial with a hair & makeup artist for your bridals (because yes, you’ll still need someone when this social distancing is over), and have a virtual meeting with a stationer to help you curate a perfect invitation suite. Supporting local small businesses is more than just ordering takeout, and you are going to have to do the work eventually, so you might as well do it now while you can take advantage of the opportunity that’s been given to you! And maybe even drink a Corona or two while you do. Cheers, and happy planning!

Blog by Katy Padilla

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