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An (Almost) Dress Disaster|Michael & Karla's San Antonio Wedding

Michael & Karla were married at the beautiful San Antonio Botanical Garden and had their reception nearby at Rosenberg Skyroom. Their wedding day started like any other: my team and I were setting up the reception area and getting ready to head to the gardens for ceremony when a text from the bride came in, “Katy. Something bad happened.” As a planner, this is the last text I wanted to see when she and the rest of the bridal party were supposed to be at the ceremony site in fifteen minutes, and the wedding began an hour later. Between talking to Karla and her man-of-honor, Jorge, it was clear that something very bad did happen. While they were getting ready at the hotel downtown, the fire sprinklers were triggered for the entire floor, soaking her bridal gown that was hanging in the bathroom as they got ready. This is the stuff of nightmares, we’re sure of it! Being that they only had access to the Botanical Garden for another hour, we were scrambling to figure out what to do in order to A. get her dress clean, and B. get it DRY. In comes Jorge to save the day! (And no, I won’t tell you what he did to do so, because I’m not sure it would ever work for any other bridal gown and I would never advise it...but let’s just say there were two household appliances involved). Thankfully, Karla and her nearly-dry gown finally made it to the ceremony, which was STUNNING. The Botanical Gardens is one of our favorite places for an outdoor ceremony, and right in the heart of the city!

During the ceremony, when they got to the vows, Karla realized that in the rush of everything with her dress, she had forgotten her paper that had her vows written on it. Again, here came Jorge to save the day - he had her vows on his phone! Seriously, every bride needs a man-of-honor like him! Would you just look at those smiles?!

After that, everything went off without a hitch! And would you look at that Blume Haus floral?! Mandy and her team truly outdid themselves. Did you catch that custom monogrammed floral aisle runner? SO cool.

That brings us to our next favorite moment – room reveals! We absolutely love doing room reveals for our couples. When we work so hard to bring their vision to life, it is the most gratifying moment to see that look of excitement and joy on their faces. You’ll understand why in a second, because #headtablegoals.

Fact: after the room reveal Michael turned to Karla and told her, 'this was all for you.' Talk about bringing out the tears! How sweet is their love?!

We had the best time planning Michael & Karla’s wedding. They hired us in August for their December wedding, so we had a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, but it allowed us to get to know them both so well during the process! We got to incorporate many personal and FUN elements to their reception: from a specialty Alabama boutonniere for Michael’s favorite school, to a custom canvas painted live during their night (shout out to our sister company, Snap Chic Wedding Painting!), and a band that kept the party going all night long!

Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after, you two!

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